HMC Sealine Medical Clinic has concluded its services for the 2014/15 camping season

Header_Logo-hamad-ambulanceHamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Sealine Medical Clinic has concluded its services for the 2014/15 camping season following a busy season caring for the needs of patients in the area.

Since the beginning of the camping season on 6 November, 2014 until 18 April this year, a total of 683 patients were seen and treated at the clinic. The majority of cases were for the treatment of fever and stomach aches while the rest included wounds, burns, bone fractures and heart attacks.

Speaking about the services, Hamid Ghareeb, Medical Supervisor at the Sealine Medical Clinic and a Consultant at HMC’s Medical Administration Department said: “Out of the total number of patients seen at the clinic during the camping season, over 600 were adult males while there were 46 females and 36 children. Most of the cases were treated at the clinic but 91 cases were transported to HMC hospitals by ambulances and the LifeFlight service.”

During the camping period, the Ambulance Service received 893 calls with 295 involving road accidents and 193 for trauma cases, including 30 serious injuries.

Mr. Ali Al Khater, Executive Director of HMC’s Corporate Communications Department and Project Manager of the new Sealine Hamad Medical Clinic, praised the efforts of all HMC professionals involved in the smooth running of the clinic who have contributed to the success of the clinic this year.

He noted that the location of the clinic on the main road adjacent to the beach, Sealine resort, mosque, shopping area and other services and utilities, provided easy access to the clinic, which offered the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to all patients that visited during the season.

Mr. Al Khater extended gratitude to the Natural Reserves Division at the Private Engineering Office, the Public Utilities Department at Al Wakra Municipality, the South Region Security Department and the Ministry of Environment, for their support in establishing the new Sealine Medical Clinic.



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Hamad Medical Corporation urges people in Qatar to take precautions during sand storm

Header_Logo-hmcSandstorms are unpredictable, dangerous storms that result from high winds throwing sand particles into the air making it difficult to see, move or even breathe. If you’re visiting an area where sandstorms are likely it’s a good idea to know how to survive them. There are precautions you can take and items you can have on hand that can help you survive a sandstorm.

Instructions :

(1) Listen for storm warnings and stay away from areas where an unpredictable sandstorm can occur. If you are traveling in dry climates surrounded by sand such as a desert prepare for a sudden storm to develop at any time.

(2) Wear goggles. Cover your nose and mouth with a respirator or mask that is able to filter out sand particles or use a moistened handkerchief or bandanna.

(3) Outrun the storm. If you are driving and the storm is at a reasonable distance it may be possible to outrun it. If it seems you will be caught in the storm, stop and ride it out.

(4) Seek shelter if you are not inside a vehicle. Find cover if at all possible. If no shelter is available, lie down and wait the storm out. Keep eyes, nose and mouth covered at all times. Cover your head with your arms or a backpack to protect against any objects being hurled by the wind.

(5) Keep plenty of water on hand. Cover it in containers such as a canteen that can seal out sand particles. If you get lost during the storm, you need water to survive until you find your way or help arrives.

(6) Get to higher ground, if possible. The most concentration of blowing sand is closest to the ground. Chances of surviving increase if you can stay above the storm.


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HMC Heart Hospital showcases innovation in cardiac surgery at WISH Qatar

Header_Logo-herarthospMany innovations in healthcare are being showcased at the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), taking place in Doha this week. One such innovation is the Q Stent from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). 

Q Stent is an innovation to be used in cardiac surgery and was invented by doctors at Heart Hospital, in collaboration with the Qatar Science Club. 

The Q Stent project was started by a doctor at Heart Hospital looking for a solution to a problem that occurs in prolonged cardiac surgeries, where the heart expands and it is not possible to close the patient’s chest immediately. The Q Stent acts as a stable sterile device to hold or prop the patient’s chest open, thereby maximizing patient safety. It is expected to replace the currently used, hand-crafted, suboptimal solutions for stenting the sternum for delayed closure. 

Q Stent’s ergonomic design provides firm stenting of the sternum, with provision of maximum space for accommodating the swollen heart. Its solid block fabrication, without any moving parts, would decrease the risks of injuries and infection after such procedures.

Dr. AbdulAziz Al Khulaifi, Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Heart Hospital said: “Often the best innovations are when we can find a simple yet elegant solution to an every-day problem. With Q Stent that is exactly what our team has invented. All over the world doctors have a problem with the heart expanding after long surgeries and then having to try to come up with make-shift solutions to prop the patient’s chest open. Dr. Rashid Mazhar decided to find a solution to this problem and came up with the design for the Q Stent. We have filed for patent rights for this invention with the GCC and IPT offices and believe it will help cardiac surgeons all over the world.”

Dr. Rashid Mazhar, Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Heart Hospital said the most common use for the device would be in pediatric heart surgery. 

“Children have much smaller rib cages and therefore the problem of their heart swelling after a long surgical procedure is more prevalent,” he explained. We have made Q Stents in several sizes so that they are suitable in pediatric and adult surgeries. I feel strongly that the Q Stent will help many cardiac surgeons in the future.”

The patent for the Q Stent has been filed by a local firm, as reported last month, by the HMC Office for the Academic Health System; a team within HMC who encourage and support research and development projects within the organization.


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Civil Defence Qatar pay tribute to deceased Moroccan firefighter

moiqThe General Directorate of Civil Defence organized condolence ceremony to the deceased firefighter of Civil Defence Tariq Al Ghobachi, for his friends, relatives and community members.

The Moroccan firefighter died while involved in firefighting at a warehouse fire near the Industrial Area 35 on Saturday, February 7, where he left a striking example of patience, dedication and sincerity in his work until he died at the scene. The ceremony was attended by directors of MoI departments, officers and relatives and Moroccan community members.

The director of the Operations Department of Civil Defence Brig. Hamad Al Dohaimi said that Tariq was dedicated and honestly sincere in his duty where he inspired his colleagues to work hard and encouraged them to be patient as well as preferred others’ safety. It was a shocking news to hear the death of a rescuer who met his death during the service as it was the will of Allah that happened beyond our control.

His colleagues and friends recalled that he was a brave and committed to his profession with heroic attitudes that showed the courage and generosity to tackle the toughest moments, where he had risked his life to save his colleagues who were subjected to incidents during the performance of their duties.



A wealthy, generous Qatari has donated QR500,000 ($137,306/€120.555) to the family of Tariq Al Ghobachi. The generous Qatari was moved by reports of the 36-year-old firefighter’s death while rescuing people trapped in the blaze, and gave away QR500,000 in reward for the deceased’s bravery to his dependents.

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Share Your Experience with Emergency Service (999)

moiqEmergency service (999) is the First Responder and the link between the public and the security departments such as Rescue Police –Al Fazaa, Traffic Dept, Civil Defence, Coast Guard, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) and ambulance. It’s one of the services linked so closely with the public, and connects them with required department in case they are in need of an emergency assistance.

The Interior Ministry is keen to develop this service and provide them with modern equipment and qualified human cadre to deal with the public in order to provide easy and accessible service to the public.

Some are eager to take advantage of this service for the purpose for which it has been developed, while others seek to exploit it with unrelated inquires.

How can you see the developments in this service? Did you encounter any difficulties in communicating with the operations room via 999? What is your assessment on this services?

We value your feedback and suggestions.


Civil Defence


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Press Release: HMC Announces Prestigious Accreditation for LifeFlight

Doha, 21 January 2015

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) today announced that the HMC Ambulance Service LifeFlight service has been accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) for both adult and pediatric critical care.

This accreditation has been awarded following rigorous evaluation of the LifeFlight service against quality, management and performance measures. EURAMI accredited aeromedical services are known to be amongst the best in the world.

Dr. Robert Owen, Chief Executive Officer for HMC’s Ambulance Service, said he is very proud of the inter-agency work that goes in to delivering the LifeFlight service.

“The Qatar Emiri Air Force and the Ambulance Service work very closely together to make sure we provide the best possible aeromedical service to the population of Qatar. This accreditation is a testament to the hard work and dedication shown by all involved in running the service; from the managers, to the pilots, to the critical care paramedics. EURAMI only recognizes air ambulance services with exceptional medical protocols and aviation records,” he explained.

This is the third prestigious international accreditation that has been awarded to the Ambulance Service in the last year; the service’s command center was named as an Accredited Center of Excellence by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch in May 2014 and the service as a whole was re-accredited by Joint Commissioning International in October.

“2014 was a very good year for the Ambulance Service,” said Dr. Owen, “We have been accredited by some of the most influential agencies in the world and we are confident that the service will continue to grow from strength to strength.”

The LifeFlight fleet is made up of three Agusta Westland AW139 helicopters, launched in February 2014. Two of these helicopters are in operation 24 hours a day with the aim of ensuring emergency medical care to even the most remote parts of the country.


About HMC

HMC has been the principal public healthcare provider in the state of Qatar for over three decades and is dedicated to delivering the safest, most effective and compassionate care to all patients.

HMC manages eight hospitals, incorporating five specialist hospitals and three community hospitals. HMC also manages the National Ambulance Service as well as home and residential care, all accredited by Joint Commission International. While HMC continues to upgrade its facilities and services, it has also embarked on an ambitious expansion program, targeting the areas of need in our community.

HMC is leading the development of the region’s first academic health system and is committed to building a legacy of healthcare expertise in Qatar. We collaborate with partners who are key experts in Qatar and beyond, including Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Partners Healthcare, Boston.

We are also the first hospital system in the Middle East to achieve institutional accreditation from the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education – International (ACGME-I), which demonstrates excellence in the way medical graduates are trained through residency, internship and fellowship programs.

For more information please visit: or contact Noimot Olayiwola, Media Project Manager Tel: (00974) 44390945; Mobile: (00974) 55568709; Email:

© Press Release 2015

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Qatar Red Crescent Ambulance Service Takes Part in Qatar National Day 2014 Celebrations in Darb Al Saai (video)


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HMC Ambulance Service Takes Part in Qatar National Day 2014 Celebrations in Darb Al Saai

Header_Logo-hamad-ambulanceNational Day makes history come alive for the population of Qatar by helping people discover the cultural and social experiences of the past. This year, Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) exciting celebration aims to share this joy and excitement with its patients, staff and the people of Qatar.

It is our genuine belief that Qatar, our beloved nation, deserves a collective salute from all HMC staff and patients on our National Day. This should be celebrated in an environment of love and loyalty.

To declare our solidarity, loyalty and pride, all HMC hospitals – Hamad General, Rumaila, Al Wakra, Al Khor, Heart, Cuban, NCCCR and Women’s – will celebrate this occasion with their patients and provide them with useful health tips as well as information on HMC’s health, education and research services.

HMC’s celebration will also include the participation of the Kulluna campaign and the Ambulance Service which are holding a thirteen day festival from 08 to 20 December at Derb Al Sae- Al Sadd Street. There will be a number of awareness activities for our HMC staff and the population of Qatar to share.

On this esteemed occasion, we invite you, your family and the general public to visit HMC stand and participate with us in the National Day ceremonies and to represent Qatar in a festival that tells people about our history and spreads jubilation across the country.

The Ambulance Service will mark Qatar National Day at Darb Al Saai from 8 to 20 december from 8am-12pm and from 4- 10pm, with highly experienced bilingual staff in attendance from different sections of the Ambulance Service: training, operations, communication and administration.

Ambulance Service area will consist of:

Ground ambulance unit
Ambulance bike unit
Ambulance golf car
Ambulance Segway unit
“Know the 5 to save a life” roll ups
Model of number 999
Ambulance equipment


Know the 5 business card
LifeFlight sticker
Indoor and car stickers
Ambulance and LifeFlight stress ball


1. Morning shifts: Ambulance Service welcomes schools

Special program for preschoolers consists of introducing this age category in a fun way to paramedics, showing them the ambulance unit, let them closely see, touch and use some of ambulance equipment, teaching them the emergency number, paramedic’s roll and asking them to imitate ambulance noises.

The goals are to dispel any misconceptions about the Ambulance Service, help children to appreciate the service’s roll in giving care and help to patients.

School age program:
Teaching this age category:
The 5 points of “know the 5 to save a life.”
When, how and why to call 999.
Showing them ambulance and some First Aid skills

The goals:
To let them trust themselves in saving a victim’s life.

2. Evening shift

The Ambulance Service welcomes the public and introduces them to the 5 points of “know the 5 to save a life” and some first aid skills.

The Goals:
Ensure public education
Let them believe in the importance of their roll in saving lives
Improve lifesaving skills
Reduce response times



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Raising Wild Animals and its Consequences in The State of Qatar

moiqIt has been noted recently that some are raising some types of wild animals at home … and some others take them to the public places or roam around with them in their cars.

These hobbies involve serious consequences as the responsibility of the person who pets them goes beyond to other people that reside in the neighborhood or the area as well as those visit parks or open recreational areas. It as well amount to violation of the prevailing laws that prevent terrorizing innocent people or frightening them.

The source of fear and concern of the other lies in the fact that these animals cannot be trusted as they are by nature wild and this wild nature cannot be changed by home environment and they may exhibit their original nature at any moment.

Hence, the Ministry of Interior tries to raise awareness on the seriousness of such behavior from its responsibility to maintain security and work to strengthen the community and to prevent the occurrence of any crime caused as a result of this hobby as it exposes the lives and property at risk.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions regarding these type of behaviours and how to counter them.



BmkVok3CEAI1zOy (1)

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“From gene therapy to tissue engineering” Seminar Talk: Prof. William McKenna and Prof. Sir Magdi Yacoub – Opening Remarks

Header_Logo-qrcThe seminar titled “Non pharmacological treatment of heart failure – from gene therapy to tissue engineering” took place at the Heart Hospital Lecture Theater on 3rd and 4th November 2014.

The event presented the very latest understanding about Heart Failure, and evaluated the most effective options available for clinicians treating this condition, including developments in the fields of stem cell and gene therapies.

The Qatar Heart Science Series is a joint initiative by Qatar Cardiovascular Research Center and the Hamad Medical Corporation Heart Hospital to hold international seminars in Doha exploring priority areas in cardiovascular health for the Gulf region. Attendance at QHSS seminars is free, and all talks are made available on line.

William McKenna and Magdi Yacoub,
Heart Hospital
Qatar Cardiovascular Research Center

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